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Buy Belgian Passport Online. We offer Belgian passports at good prices, new belgium passport. Authentic copies are a bit more expensive, but worth the money. Belgium offers a migration programme for foreign investors, belgium passport fees and entrepreneurs from non-EU countries who wish to settle and do business in Belgium. They must apply for a residence permit in the category of investor or entrepreneur.

They can also include their spouse and children in the application. The government reviews the applications and decides on a case-by-case basis. It usually takes 3 to 8 months for the permit to be issued. The process is generally straightforward and simple. Possession of an EU passport brings several benefits, including visa-free access to several EU countries. Our team is always confident in the quality of the documents we produce. No client has ever reported having to deal with legal problems when using our passports, belgium passport 2022. Contact us today to learn more about the process we use.

How much do I need to invest in Belgium to get citizenship?

Buy Belgian Passport Online
Buy Belgian Passport Online
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Can I buy Belgium citizenship?

Belgium is one of the most developed and largest trading nations in Europe. With its highly developed infrastructure, open economy and business-friendly government, belgium passport application. It is very attractive to investors and businessmen. In return for their contribution to the Belgian economy, they are offered a wide range of benefits, belgian embassy passport.

Modern, open and highly developed economy.
Well-developed transport infrastructure.
Tax incentives for companies.
Highly skilled, multilingual and productive workforce.
High standard of living.
High level of education and health care.
Low crime rate.
Good transportation links to the rest of the world.
No minimum residency required.
Residence permit for the whole family.
Dual citizenship.

Can you buy a Belgian passport?

Buy Belgian passport online: The Belgian passport is a biometric passport with an electronic chip that contains the passport holder’s key personal information. Belgium was one of the first countries to start issuing electronic passports in 2004, and the new biometric passport with fingerprints was issued in 2014. The standard passport is a burgundy booklet, like many European passports, containing either 35 or 60 pages. 

On the main page is the holder’s photo, signature, key personal data and passport number ID. belgian passport number, belgian passport visa free, belgian passport visa usa, belgian passport visa free countries, belgian passport requirements, belgian passport application, belgian passport renewal, belgian passport eligibility, belgian passport online, belgian passport rank, belgian passport photo, belgian passport renewal london, belgian passport application london, belgian passport application, belgian origin passport, belgian passport application

The Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs issues passports in Belgium. The following types of passports are available:

Standard biometric passport, issued to all citizens belgium passport requirements, .
Diplomatic passport, issued to civil servants and members of the royal family, belgium passport renewal.
Service passport, issued to officials performing official duties abroad.
Temporary passport, issued in case of emergency. However, this green passport is valid for only six months.

How much does a Belgian passport cost?