Buy Dutch driver’s licence or an EU driver’s licence. If you have a residence in the Netherlands and wish to drive a motor vehicle here. You are considered a Dutch resident. As a rule, you must have a resident permit or passport. Then you are considered a resident of the Netherlands if you stay in the Netherlands for at least 185 days per calendar year.

Buy Dutch driver's licence
Buy Dutch driver's licence

Buy Dutch Driving License Online Without Taking the Test

A driver’s license is the legal permission for a particular person to drive one or more motor vehicles. It is the most acceptable form of government-issued document that you can present as proof of identity. It also gives you the freedom to drive independently without fear of the authorities. Buy driver’s license online. All these privileges come with a certain amount of time, money and effort. 

There are a lot of requirements that you need to meet in order to get a driver’s license. However, with, you can buy a driver’s license without any exam or hectic procedure. There is no prior driving experience required. We leave that up to you. You do not even have to go through theoretical or practical training.

Buy Dutch driver's licence

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Have you ever thought about getting a driving license in the Netherlands without a written and practical test?
Are you one of those who know how to drive and do not want to spend too much money or time to get a driving license?. Have you failed the driving test in the Netherlands several times because you were stressed, could not concentrate or because the system with such exams is just too demanding?. If you are planning an extended stay in the Netherlands, it is often worth exchanging your foreign driver’s licence for a Dutch rijbewijs.
-Citizens of most European countries can usually continue to use their driver’s licence from their home country until its expiration date.
-Most non-European foreigners who wish to stay longer than six months must exchange their driver’s licence within the first six months. See more details.


We offer you the opportunity to exchange your driver’s licence in less than 5 business days without having to go through one of these lengthy processes.

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