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                                        Cost of Driving License

One of the reasons for the difference is cost of drivers license is as a result of the varying cost of registration. In different countries even across Europe, our agents use different amounts of money to pay for the registration of the driving license information which contribute to the difference in the cost of driving license. The cost of a category B driving license in Romania is different from the cost of a Category DE driving license in Romania still.

Suspension of driving license, exchange of driving license, driving license examination and the MPU
In many cases, our clients have had a driver’s license in the past and it has been revoked. The reasons for driving license revocation can vary widely in different countries around the world. Common reasons for driving license revocation are

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Driving license revocation for drunk driving or drug addiction; this is common in Germany and Austria. Here, the conditions for regaining a driver’s license can become very difficult, and the client may have to take a test to prove that they are drug or alcohol free. In Germany, this test is called an MPU. This test involves testing various skills to make sure you are ready for a driver’s license. The test covers traffic psychology


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