Portugal citizenship golden visa

Portugal citizenship golden visa permits unfamiliar financial backers to become occupants of the nation, giving the opportunity to live, work, and concentrate in Portugal and to move inside the Schengen Zone. Following 5 years holding an impermanent residency status, financial backers and their families can apply for Portuguese citizenship. You can get portugal citizenship by investment real estate or portugal citizenship by buying property even portugal citizenship by investment official website.

How to get portugal citizenship

Get Portugal Residency

Portugal citizenship golden visa
Portugal citizenship golden visa
Get Portugal Residency
Get Portugal Residency

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Can I get residency in Portugal if I buy a house?

Portugal flaunts a rich and different culture, Mediterranean environment, and a protected and stable setting ideal for raising families, leading business or voyaging. Financial backers track down numerous open doors in Portugal’s safe and quick creating market, including the accompanying:

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How do I apply for a Portuguese passport?

Portugal’s Golden Resident Permit Program is offered in accordance with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Department of Consular Affairs and the Portuguese Trade and Investment Agency (AICEP).

Aimed at attracting foreign direct investments to the country, the program yields a residency permit in Portugal to non-EU investors who fulfill one of the investment options below and meet the following requirements:

Residence visa waiver for entering Portugal.
Live and work in Portugal.
Visa-free travel within the Schengen member states.
Permanent residency or citizenship of Portugal after five years as a temporary resident.
Inclusion of family members, such as spouse or partner, dependent children and dependent parents. How to get portuguese citizenship through parents.

How to get Portugal citizenship by investment
Portugal Golden Visa Residency Programme
Citizenship by investment in Portugal

The Portugal residency by investment program’s legal framework was first introduced by amending Act number 23/2007 of July 4, 2012, which is known as the “Golden Visa”.
On the 8th October 2012, the Government of Portugal made changes to the Immigration Law 29/2012 allowing non-EU Citizens to receive a temporary EU Residence Permit for up to 5 years in exchange for investments in Portugal’s Real Estate. The new regulations offer non-EU Citizens, a simple and fast way for property investors to receive a five-year Residence Permit.

Portugal Golden Visa Residence Program
How to get Portugal citizenship by investment